Article 83: Trend reporting

1. Manufacturers shall report by means of the electronic system referred to in Article 87 any statistically significant increase in the frequency or severity of incidents that are not serious incidents that could have a significant impact on the benefit-risk analysis referred to in Sections 1 and 8 of Annex I and which have led or may lead to unacceptable risks to the health or safety of patients, users or other persons or of any significant increase in expected erroneous results established in comparison to the stated performance of the device as referred to in points (a) and (b) of Section 9.1 of Annex I and specified in the technical documentation and product information.

The manufacturer shall specify how to manage the incidents referred to in the first subparagraph and the methodology used for determining any statistically significant increase in the frequency or severity of such events or change in performance, as well as the observation period, in the post-market surveillance plan referred to in Article 79.

2. The competent authorities may conduct their own assessments on the trend reports referred to in paragraph 1 and require the manufacturer to adopt appropriate measures in accordance with this Regulation in order to ensure the protection of public health and patient safety. Each competent authority shall inform the Commission, the other competent authorities and the notified body that issued the certificate, of the results of such assessment and of the adoption of such measures.